The Northbrooks are a political family who have enjoyed power and wealth for many years. They have strong humanitarian links, but are also dogged by scandal.

Edward Northbrook

Current Patron of DVII, a title he has held for many years. He strives to keep his family together, and secure his granddaughter Natalie’s loyalties to the Custody. Edward’s devotion to the Ascendancy is unwavering. He never liked Eleanor’s husband, Alistair, and moved mountains to cut the Northbrook’s associations with him when the scandal broke.

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Connections: Ascendancy, Tobias de Volthström

Eleanor Northbrook

Eleanor is a prominent patron of the International Red Cross, and a well-known and much loved humanitarian, particularly renowned in DVII. She is close with her father.

Publicly, Eleanor severed all ties and contact with her ex-husband and did not support him through the court case. Privately, this was not the case — a secret she cannot afford to ever become known, but has recently been discovered by Natalie.

Though their ideologies diverge greatly, Eleanor is still very much in love with Alistair, and she was likely aware of his schemes prior to his arrest (though no proof of this exists). Their bond remains strong, and they both agreed the children should be kept away for their own protection and the preservation of the Northbrook name. Eleanor believes the girls are safest in the Custody, a point at which Alistair disagrees — especially with Natalie.

Though Eleanor is a passionate and good-hearted person, her morals are very flexible when it comes to looking out for her children.

Generally, she avoids Moscow, though the family owns property there, this being the apartment in which Natalie is staying in.

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Connections: Jacques Danjou

Isobel Northbrook

Isobel is a newly qualified human rights lawyer whose passions have followed in the footsteps of her humanitarian mother. She is a vocal advocate and uses both her wealth and her name to further worthy causes. She is and has always been studious, and possesses a strong moral code that does not always tie in with the laws of the land. She finds great frustration in all the world’s injustices and corruptions.

Growing up her father always scared her just a little, for he was always so stern and unsmiling. His betrayal both shocked and injured her, but not her parent’s divorce, and she has always been dismayed at what she considers Natalie’s overreaction to it. She thinks her sister ought to do more to carry her weight, and preferred when she was out of sight and mind in Africa.

She lives in London, but travels all over for her work.


Natalie Northbrook

The middle child. Natalie would declare herself an appalling daughter, and has spent much of her youth pushing away from her family connections and besmirching the family name. She never understood how easily their father was cut from their lives, and was greatly affected by the way he refused to allow visitation. These days her relationship with both parents is strained. She keeps both sisters at arms length, to Isobel’s ambivalence and Alice’s disappointment.

See: Natalie

Alice Northbrook

Alice is sweet and open and does not miss the father she didn’t really know. She lives with her mother in London.




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