The Finns

The Finns are the collective name of two species of extra-dimensional humanoids: the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn. Each live in another dimension quite different from that of the real world, seemingly apart yet connected to ours and to each others. The name of this dimension is “Sindhol.”

The Finns have existed as long as reality has existed. Their world can be accessed by ours through specific portals, objects, or doorways. It is unknown who created these portals, but we do know the connection between our worlds can be broken.

The Aelfinn and Eelfinn are tricksters. They use bluff, illusion and hypnotism to fool those who try to bargain with them.

Aelfinn ~ The Snakes


The appearance of the Aelfinn loosely resemble snakes. They will answer three questions to a petitioner in exchange for memories and experiences from the partitioner’s life. They carry curved swords of bronze.

The Aelfinn are tall and very thin, with narrow, elongated faces. Their skin appears scaly in the right light, as does their straight black hair. Their eyes have pupils that are just black, vertical slits, and their hands are long, with long fingers. The clothing of the Aelfinn consists of layers of cloth wound about their scaly bodies. Yellow and red colors have been observed. All in all, they appear remarkably like snakes. They even appear to slither although they walk on two legs.


These worlds do not appear to obey all of the normal spatial laws of physics. Not only can traveling through corridors seem to take one nowhere, but the surroundings can change between one glance and the next. 

Aelfinn architecture also evokes snakiness. All lines in the construction are curved. Ceilings and walls are bowed. Curved halls, rounded doorways and circular chambers and windows are all present, with not a straight edge to be seen.

Looking out one of the round windows reveals strange plant-like gardens. There are a variety of strange-looking plants, among other things, to be seen: tall, wispy trees with a drooping umbrella of branches at the top, and others like huge fans of lacy leaves, a tangle of growth equal to the heart of any briar-choked thicket, all under dim, overcast light, without a cloud in the sky.

Through other windows can be glimpsed three tall, silvery spires that seem impossibly curved with their points aimed toward the same spot.


The petitioner must ask all three questions and hear the answers before they leave because otherwise the agreement cannot be fulfilled. The answers are abstruse and incomplete at best and there is a risk. 

The Aelfinn seem to be able to read the thread of a human life, and as such, it may be necessary for that person to be in front of them, or in their world at least. This would explain why their answers to questions about the future of other people (that are not present in their world or they have never met) are not true. In exchange, the Aelfinn savor the petitioner’s experiences and emotions, although they do not necessarily harvest those experiences or emotions.

Eelfinn / The Foxes


The appearance of the Eelfinn loosely resemble foxes. They will grant three wishes in exchange for a price to be set. If a price is not set ahead of time, the price will default to death of the partitioner. They have a preference for strong human emotions, particularly negative emotions or pain, and are able to absorb them as if drinking a fine wine.

The Eelfinn are likewise very tall, but there the similarity ends. They are sinewy, with wide shoulders, narrow jaws and waists, and very pale skin. Their eyes are large and pale, and their hair is reddish and stands up straight in a crest. They have pointed ears and sharp pointed teeth. “Foxlike” is a good general description. 


These worlds do not appear to obey all of the normal spatial laws of physics. Not only can traveling through corridors seem to take one nowhere, but the surroundings can change between one glance and the next. Eelfinn architecture is dominated by two shapes: the pentagon, which is the shape of their doorways and corridors; and an eight-pointed star, which is the shape of their rooms and pillars, the only features in those rooms. In hallways and on pillars, yellow glowing strips run up and along the vertices of the constructions, providing light. The pedestals and pillars are black glassy stone and the floor white. White smoke flows around the room from which the Eelfinn can appear.


The bargaining with the Eelfinn must take place in the Chamber of Bonds or else they are not bound by it. The treaty may best be summed up as a granting of “three wishes” with a petitioner, although they may not be granted in the way one expects.

History of the Finns


Both races have ancient treaties with humans. The terms of their treaties stipulate that humans shall not bring any musical instruments, iron objects, or devices for making light. These things are either inimical to them or reduce their abilities. As a result, all weapons carried by the Finns are made of bronze.

Both Finn species have a special preference for Channelers, and through inducing them into unconsciousness, can drain their ability to channel.

The First Age

Within the canon of our site, the Finns have not been visited by humans since the end of the 6th Age. Nearing the end of the 6th Age, conflict within the Norse Pantheon of gods led to the banishment of Loki, god of mischief, to the land of the Finns, where he was imprisoned and tortured for his emotions and suffering. Although cared for by his wife, Sigyn, Loki was freed by the giantess, Skadi, and upon his return to the world, instigated Ragnarōk, which led to the fall of the final gods and the end of channelers.

Throughout the 7th Age, all knowledge and awareness of the Finns were lost. They were known only by select few in the 6th Age as it were, and by the time the 1st Age came again, the Finns were completely unknown until they were visited by Jaxen Marveet, who struck a deal of such magnitude, its effects ripple throughout all the ages of the wheel of time. The second human to visit the Finns was Zephyr Lelantos, who was brought to the realm of the Finns against her will.

Legacy of the Finns


As one of Loki’s 6th Age children, the goddess Hel is an aberration in the design of the Pattern; a mistake it continually tries to right. She is the quintessential changeling child; a Finn soul in the vessel of a human body. With her Finn connection and Jötunn blood, Hel was born with unusual gifts previously unknown to her Age. She feeds on emotions, can drain those upon which she feeds, and can push and control emotion in others.

In a drastic course correction, Hel’s birth spun the Sentient ability into the Pattern, for a Sentient is the only human vessel in which a Finn soul could be contained, and must now be accounted for as a possibility. Hel was the first of her kind, and the most intensely gifted across the Ages, owing to her mixed and monstrous blood and the circumstances of her father’s birth. Later Sentients retain a link to the Finn, but always have human souls. The only exception is when Hel’s own soul is cast back into the Pattern.


Through some unknown deal, the Finns intertwined the powers of the sentients with sirens, the water creatures originally manipulated by Triton, greek god of the sea. The biological offspring of sirens with sentients led to enhancement of the sentient power, where they began to push their emotions upon others for the purposes of controlling those around them.

The Harvester

It is extremely likely that the creation of Sentients was another payment extracted by the Finn as part of Jaxen Marveet’s deal with them, as in other Ages Sentients provide a connection between this world and the Finn dimension. It would seem they plan a future (or past) feast. One soul in particular was assigned the duties of harvester for the coming feast: the god, Samhain. In the 1st Age, he is reborn Sámiel.

Associated characters in the 1st age

Esper – Sentient and reincarnated soul of Hel

JaxenChanneler and reincarnated soul of Loki

AshtonSiren whose interactions with Jaxen opened a portal to the realm of the Finns

SámielChanneler and reincarnated soul of Samhain

Zephyr – Atharim whose firstborn child is prophesied to bring the end of the gods



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